3 Easy Ways to Find Your Zen During Holiday Stress

The holidays are upon us, and while that can be a very joyful time, it can also lead to increased stress. Therefore, we asked one of our resident yoga experts, The Real Housewives of Dallas Cary Deuber, to share some simple tips for finding your inner peace every single day. The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. 

Sometimes, life can come at you fast. From family challenges to stressful relationships with your friends and co-workers, it’s key to find something that keeps you balanced in some way, shape, or form. I experienced this quite a bit over the past year with my fellow Housewives and family life, and it was typically yoga or an extension of the practice that ended up saving me. Yoga isn’t for everyone, though, so here are a few easy ways that I find Zen throughout the day.

#1 Charcoal Face Mask

You may have noticed this year that I always had some kind of face mask with me on group trips to Tennessee and Mexico. Even though we always plan to have a good time while on vacation, it never fails that a good face mask will come in handy — whether it’s to de-stress after a long day or prevent puffiness after crying. I like to keep a little mobile spa treatment with me, and a few of my favorites include charcoal and gold. This charcoal mask is super fun because it bubbles up on its own after you apply it, and it’s like a little face massage that tingles until you remove it.

#2 Gold Collagen Mask

This gold collagen mask is also one of my favorites because it comes on in two pieces to fit any face perfectly! I also love the options that I’ve found in Rose Gold. This hydro gel mask is formulated with natural ingredients such as gold and collagen to penetrate deep into the skin to give real results in about 20 minutes.

#3 Meditating on an Alignment-Assisting Yoga Mat


Meditation gets me through the day as well. You can even find amazing meditations online! I typically do them when I have down time during the day. Breathing exercises are SO good for your body and your mind: Try laying on your back and breathing in for a count of seven and out for a count of seven, eventually reaching a count of 10 in and out. This slows your heart rate as well as your active monkey mind. Yoga, as you may know, is an amazing gift to my day. For a yoga mat, I use Lifeforme which is a must for assistance with alignment.

So, whether you’ve had a normal, basic day or even one so crazy that it belongs on reality TV, hopefully a few of these tips and tricks will help bring you closer to a little peace and Zen so that you can get up tomorrow… and start it all over again — hopefully this time with a little more spring in your step!