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Treatments for Melanin Rich Skin

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Rejuvenate Your Skin With Peace of Mind

Patients with skin of color can find safe, effective ethnic skin laser treatments in Dallas! The laser technicians at Lemmon Avenue have a thorough understanding of the Fitzpatrick skin phototype scale, which gives unmatched knowledge of how different skin types react to light. This allows us to safely treat all skin types, tones, and textures.

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What is the Fitzpatrick Scale?

The Fitzpatrick Scale is a measurement of how much melanin exists in a patient’s skin.

1. Very White, Freckled, or Ivory | Always Burns/Never Tans
2. White, Fair Complexion | Usually Burns/Rarely Tans
3. White to Olive | Sometimes Burns/Always Tans
4. Olive or Light Brown | Rarely Burns/Always Tans
5. Dark Brown | Very Rarely Burns/Moderately Pigmented
6. Black | Highly Pigmented/Never Burns/Tans Quickly


Laser Treatments & Melanin

Before you book a laser service, we will do an initial consultation to help us align our goals. We’ll make sure we properly configure our laser devices to get you the best results AND keep your skin protected. Our expertise with different laser platforms allows us to achieve safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of concerns for those with skin of color.

Injectables & Melanin

Beyond laser treatments, we also customize our skincare options and injectables to best accommodate your skin tone and type. In your consultation, we review your goals and select the type of treatment for optimal rejuvenation of your melanin-rich skin. Our providers possess a complete knowledge of how our skincare and injectable options interact with various skin colors for maximum protection and superior results.

What We Treat on Melanin-Rich Skin


Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Sagging Skin
Skin Texture
Age Spots
Sun Damage

SKIN Conditions

Acne Scarring



Unwanted Hair
Unwanted Fat
& So. Much. More.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Ethnic Skin Laser Treatments

Protecting your melanin-rich skin is our priority

Dallas’ Home for Ethnic Skin Laser Treatment

Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery & Laser Center is Dallas’ destination for luxury medical aesthetics.

We offer comprehensive care under our medical director, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Deuber. The highly trained and dedicated medical professionals on our staff are experts in their fields, perfecting the most sought-after ethnic skin laser treatments in Dallas.

Discover what individualized attention and custom care plans can do for your melanin-rich skin!

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Most informative & genuinely caring

“I’ve been seeing Theresa Reynolds for my skin for a few months and she is the sweetest, most informative and genuinely caring person I’ve met in the industry! Everything she does she explains very well and she even checks up on you days after your visit with her (which I’ve never experienced before and truly appreciate!) 10/10 recommend seeing her for any skin needs!”

A very welcoming and professional soul

“From the first day I met with Theresa, she made me feel so comfortable. I was able to identify with her because she’s a young beautiful woman with a similar body type as mine, so she understood my concerns.A very welcoming and professional”


God bless Theresa. She is amazing. She explains in complete detail what she is doing throughout the entire process. Very informative and continuously check up on you after the procedure to check the progress. Two thumbs up!!!!!!!”

I’ve never looked better!

“Theresa gave me the best Halo laser treatment. My skin is better than it’s been in years! Discoloration gone, smooth, and fine lines diminished. She was so caring, professional, and personable at the same time. I highly recommend her for any skin care needs you have!”

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When Life Gives You Lemmons…

You’re in for an unforgettable medical aesthetic experience!

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your laser treatments in Dallas. Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery and Laser Center customizes all treatments based on our patients’ unique needs and desires. If you want to learn more, check out our Virtual Consultation tool!


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