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Effective Cellulite Treatment in Dallas

Cellulite affects up to 90% of women, though the severity and location vary greatly. Many women feel uncomfortable with the dimpled appearance cellulite causes. Sculptra is a revolutionary injectable cellulite treatment in Dallas that stimulates your body’s own collagen production to reduce cellulite in the buttocks of adult women!


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The treatment of mild to moderate cellulite in adult women’s buttocks.

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Cary was amazing!

She made me feel so comfortable, and she was extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and the correct procedures and what gave the best results. I had trouble articulating what I wanted, but with a few questions, Cary figured it out and was patient to explain everything to me. I was thrilled immediately with my outcome. And I know it will just get better. Cary is my new favorite person!

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“I had a great experience with Cary Deuber. I was referred by a friend, and when I realized that I recognized her from the show, I was so excited! She lived up to the hype and was extremely warm & professional. Did not make me look like I was in a ‘wind tunnel’, as she called it. Very light handed. Just what I needed.”

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