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Fight Stubborn Fat Pockets with Kybella Injections

Diet and exercise determine our overall health and fitness, but they don’t factor into the way our body naturally stores fat. Excess submental fat (fat beneath the chin and jowl) is a common concern among even the slimmest people. Extra fat under the chin can throw off the visual harmony of your appearance and make you feel heavier than you are.

Kybella is the first-ever FDA-approved injectable for stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise.


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Kybella in Dallas is Best For

Eliminating excess fat underneath the chin and jowls.

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“I was originally very nervous about this appointment because I have never had botox or any other injectable procedure before. Cary was an angel! She made sure that I felt comfortable with her and was very natural with how she sculpted my facial features. I will be back to visit her exclusively!”

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I recently had my first ever filler appointment with Jen and I can not be happier! She was lovely both during my consultation and the actual filler appointment. I love my results and can’t wait to continue being a patient of hers. I also love following her Instagram where she gives amazing skin care advice and is great about showing before and after pictures of her injections. I highly recommend Jen!

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