Maskne: Skin Breakouts from Wearing a Mask

Let’s face it… Maskne is a thing.

Avoiding acne in daily life has always been important, and today, we also have to deal with acne caused by wearing a daily mask… Enter Maskne!  Breakouts from masks right now are so common that the word “maskne” has been added to the Urban Dictionary.

Let’s break it down: masks can trap moisture, sweat, oil and dirt very close to the skin’s surface. The result can be acne. And depending on your mask preference and skin reaction, those protective masks can also cause dry and irritated skin, small bumps, inflamed hair follicles, irritation, even broken blood vessels and rosacea!

Want to prevent Maskne? Here are a few tips that can help!

First and foremost, invest in a mask COLLECTION. This should consist of both washable and disposable masks. Always wash your masks regularly (hence, needing a few for rotation sake). I am a big fan of Athleta’s masks as well as Etsy for cute designs!

Second, use the glycleanse facial cleanser daily. All of the Lemmon Avenue products are important, but this is super Maskne preventative! This will remove dirt and excess lipids without over-drying the skin. It actually reduces the dryness before it starts because it contains 10% Glycolic acid to enhance exfoliation.  Our moisturizers are also super effective, but if you get anything- get this:

Third, invest in the hottest NEW skincare booster, the carbon facial. This procedure will give you clear skin, an immediate glow, tighter skin and closed pores. Pores are such a part of causing Maskne because they trap dead skin cells, oil, and dirt, resulting in facial acne around the mask lines and coverage areas. (Pro Tip: Personally, I highly recommend combining the carbon facial with the HydraFacial for even more glowy results) Either way, your skin will be flawless, which rids us of the need to wear makeup (also helpful in preventing Maskne)!

In sum, there are 3 easy ways to prevent (or solve) Maskne:

1) Purchase multiple masks so you always have a clean mask available to wear.

2) Use Lemmon Avenue GlyCleanse each morning and evening.

3) Book a Carbon Facial (add Hydrafacial for bonus results!)

It is all about keeping your skin healthy under the mask and preventing new breakouts before they start! No worries, at Lemmon Avenue we’ve got you ‘covered’ 😉!